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dotting the sparks.

connecting the ideas.

touching the hearts.

A multidisciplinary digital accelerator studio based in Jakarta 🇮🇩 that is deeply rooted in the power of human touch to develop touchpoints that resonate connection with audiences.

Established in the midst of a challenging world in 2020. The disruption humans face in striving to stay connected with one another has led us to realize that technology should work and adapt for humans, not the other way around. Therefore, we craft touchpoints by fostering creativity, strategy, technology, and human touch in every action and interaction.

Many hands make light great impressive remarkable work.

As part of B-Listed, a boutique collective consulting service based in Jakarta, we provide a broader range of services — from brand identity development, experience and activation, integrated marketing strategy, media relation, to public communications planning — and work seamlessly to deliver end-to-end solutions that result in revolutionary work.

Big Change Agency

Brand Strategist Agency

Enhancing and optimizing the identity and perception of a brand through a comprehensive range of strategic initiatives from both internal and external parties, aimed at establishing a strong and memorable brand presence.

B Publicist

Public Relations Consultant

Tailoring communication strategies to help brand or organizations create a positive perception, build trust, and establish strong connections with their target audience, the media, and the public.